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Our Firm is unique in that it specializes in Los Angeles City Business License Tax as well as other California Municipal Taxes. Our experience is deep with over 25 years of local tax experience touching upon every industry. Our representation methodology will cover all aspects of the LABLT including, but not limited to, case law, municipal code, rulings challenges, multiple apportionment methods, constitutionality, and full representation through all three levels of the administrative process.
Representative Savings
Our experience and background with Municipal Tax Matters allows us to obtain significant savings reductions in tax assessments as well as current year filings.

Some examples of our results are as follows:
  • Reduced an assessment of $1.2 million to $300,000.
  • Reduced an assessment of $212,000 to $30,000.
  • Reduced a Municipal Business Tax from $125,000 to $3,000.
  • Reduced an assessment of $76,000 to a refund of $5,000.
  • Reduced an assessment of $140,000 to $27,000.
  • Obtained a $200,000 Refund on City Tax
  • Obtained a $40,000 reduction in Municipal Utility Tax
  • Obtained a Refund of over $300,000 in Municipal Utility Taxes.
  • Reduced the current year City Tax from $120,000 to $60,000.
References Available upon request.
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