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LA City Services

Business Tax for Los Angeles City

Our Firm is unique in that it specializes in Los Angeles City Business License Tax as well as other California Municipal Taxes. Our experience is deep, with over 25 years of local tax experience touching upon every industry. Our representation methodology will cover all aspects of the Los Angeles Business Tax Audit Process including a review of, but not limited to, case law, municipal code, ruling challenges, multiple apportionment methods, constitutionality issues. This includes full representation through all levels of the administrative process.
Our Process
Our staff will thoroughly review your operations and apply proven methodologies to reduce your LABLT or LABLT assessment.

Our review will entail the following:
  • A review of your LABLT assessment and/or filing methodology to formulate legal positions, based upon statutory and case law, to reduce the current assessment or tax filing.
These services include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Determination of the proper classification and rate
  • Review of gross receipts tax base
  • Determine whether income should have a situs outside of the City of Los Angeles.
  • Determine whether any income can be deemed to be passive and, therefore, excluded from the tax base
  • Review of Apportionment and City Clerks Rulings to determine whether the presumed percentages can be reduced.
  • Review of the statute of limitations and confirmation of waivers.
  • Apply several various proven apportionment methodologies and substantiate the chosen method.
  • Formulation of penalty waiver and interest reduction strategies.
  • Review of Constitutionality issues and other legal issues.
  • Representation throughout the Administrative Appeals Process.
Amico and Associates will represent your company throughout the administrative appeals process including the following:
  • Meet with auditor and supervisors during the Examination.
  • Representation at the Appeals Conference with the Treasury Department.
  • If necessary, representation before the Administrative Review Board.
  • If necessary, submission of a settlement offer to the City of Los Angeles.
  • Representation may include preparation of Legal Points and Authorities and/or other documentation for the hearing and a possible settlement offer.
Fees and our No Cost Preliminary Review
We offer your company a free initial no-cost review or telephone consultation. Our Staff is comprised of Attorneys and Former Tax Auditors, we urge you to contact us for an initial no-cost consultation.

Our fees can be structured around your situation which allows us to work on either an hourly or contingency basis.
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