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amico municipal tax services
Full Municipal Tax Review
When you are faced with a complex Local Tax matter, including a Los Angeles City Tax Assessment, finding the right representative with a unique specialization in municipal taxes can be difficult.
With over 25 combined years in handling local City Business License Tax matters, Amico and Associates is uniquely positioned to assist you in complying with Los Angeles Business License Tax and other city tax matters. Amico and Associates is a full service State and Local Tax firm based in Los Angeles. In addition, Amico and Associates has represented over 100 taxpayers in dealing with audits and filing tax matters. Services include the following:
  • Los Angeles City Business License Tax Audits.
  • Local City Audits and Incentive Negotiations, including San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Santa Ana, Culver City and others.
  • Tax Reduction Reviews and Tax Compliance.
  • Utility Tax Audits and Refunds.
If you are faced with a tax audit or large assessment, we urge you to contact us at 747-477-1025 for a free initial consultation regarding your tax matter. This consultation will provide you with options to address your current tax position.

Attorneys and Former Auditors on Staff to handle your needs.
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